Time Calculations

Inmates sentenced to 90 days or less on criminal charges or any amount of time through Family Court will serve their sentence at J. Reuben Long. These sentences are calculated by our classification department.

*Time is updated daily after 2:00 pm.

Work Credit Sentence Reduction

Work credits are earned at the rate of 2 days reduction for every 1 day worked. An inmate must be sentenced on all charges, cleared by the Medical Department, and assigned a job before they can begin work.

*This credit is in addition to any good time credits earned.
*Work credits may be denied by the sentencing judge.

Good Time Sentence Reduction

Good time credits are earned at the rate of 1 day reduction for every 2 days served after sentencing.


Inmates are responsible for transportation after their release. The public transit bus, Coast RTA, makes scheduled stops at the Detention Center. The fare is $3.00 from J. Reuben Long Detention Center to Conway. The fare from the Conway Bus Station to Myrtle Beach is an additional $1.50. Upon release, indigent inmates needing transportation from Conway to Myrtle Beach can request a bus pass from the administrative staff.