Medical Services

Inmates can request to see the medical staff by making a sick call request via the kiosk. This includes medical, dental, and mental health services. The nurse will alert the correctional officers of those inmates to be seen for sick call, and they will be assessed at scheduled sick call times. Inmates are charged a co-pay for services requested, as well as for medications, in accordance with detention center policy.

*The Detention Center has a limited narcotic usage policy. Any prescription narcotics are reviewed by medical staff and may be changed by the physician/medical staff to a non-narcotic substitute or generic substitution.

Medical Confidentiality

Due to HIPAA regulations, an inmate's health information cannot be discussed with anyone other than the inmate, unless a formal request is made with the inmate’s consent and authorization. If there are any questions regarding these regulations, please visit or contact Heather Lee, RN at (843) 915-6899.

Right to refuse treatment

A patient has the right to refuse medical treatment by signing the Refusal of Treatment and Release of Responsibility form. The patient will then assume all personal responsibility for the conditions that may occur as a result of his/her refusal of treatment.