McDaniel Supply Companyprovides commissary services to the inmates at the J. Reuben Long Detention Center. General population inmates are afforded the opportunity to order items twice weekly from McDaniel Supply. Various hygiene products, clothing items, writing materials and snack foods are available for purchase by those inmates with money in their inmate account. All necessary meals and items are provided to all inmates at our facility and those available through commissary are additional non-necessary items. Inmates housed in the maximum-security areas of the Detention Center will only have access to hygiene products and writing materials through the commissary.

Commissary orders are processed twice weekly on Monday and Thursday mornings at 7:00 a.m. Orders are delivered on Tuesday and Friday mornings. Inmates can order items if the funds are in their account before the processing time Deposit funds into an inmate's account

A kiosk is located in the front lobby areaof the Detention Center.

Indigent Inmate

Indigent Inmates—Inmates who meet the required criteria will be considered indigent and will be able to receive an indigent package that includes basic hygiene items and writing materials. To be considered indigent, an inmate must have been incarcerated for at least 15 days, had less than $5.00 in their account for 14 consecutive days and had no commissary orders for the last 14 days. Indigent inmates will receive indigent packages during every third commissary order. If an inmate has a deposit made into their account that brings their balance to more than $5.00, they will no longer be considered indigent and the criteria for determining indigent status will start over.