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The Finance Department is responsible for developing, maintaining, and administering all programs related to general accounting functions, invoice audit and certification of funds, cost accounting and payroll functions as well as preparation of the Comprehensive Annual Financial Report.

The Finance Department is responsible for the preparation of annual budget in accordance with county financial and programmatic policies and goals that address long-term concerns and issues, short-term financial and operational policies, and divisional and departmental objectives. General oversight responsibility for budgeted revenue, expenditure, and fund balance designations for compliance with county ordinances and operational policies.

The Finance Department is responsible for the identification, acquisition and management of federal, state and other grants that supplement existing County programs or assist in the funding of new ones.

Check Registers

Checks are issued every week, but the check registers may not be posted to the web site until two weeks later. If anyone would like to review a check register that is not yet available on our web site, they may contact the Public Information Office and arrange a time to come to the Government and Justice Building to review the paper copy of the check register.

Weekly Reports

Accommodations Tax Allocation Process

The Accommodations Tax Fund is used to account for the revenues allocated to the fund by state law for the specific purpose of promoting tourism in Horry County and for other tourism related expenditures. Revenues are derived from a statewide two percent room tax, which is collected by the state and distributed to recipient counties, less the South Carolina Department of Revenue and Taxation administrative fee and funds withheld for other counties.


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