Pension Checklist

Documents below will be needed to support your request for VA benefits if they apply:

  1. DD 214 (Report of Separation)
  2. Copy of Marriage License (If more than one marriage, certified copy of divorce or death certificate for each)
  3. Certified copy of Death Certificate
  4. Certified copy of Birth Certificate for dependent children & Social Security Numbers
  5. Social Security Award Letter of all persons in household
  6. Earning Statements for all persons in Household (Gross Earnings)
  7. Other Annuity or Retirement Income (Gross Amount)
  8. Dividends and Interest
  9. Amount of Stocks, Bonds, and Bank Deposits
  10. Value of Real Estate (other than home)
  11. Name of Hospital or Drug Insurance Company & Amount of Monthly Premium
  12. SSI Amount (if in receipt)
  13. In the case of veteran/widow who requires the daily personal health care service of a skilled provider without which they would require hosp/nursing home care; a doctor’s statement is needed to include nature of disabilities. (IE cancer, heart condition, etc.)
  14. In the case of an individual with home based care, Assisted Living, or nursing home: a statement is needed on their letterhead. The statement needs to include, but not limited to: Date of Entry, Level of care required (skilled or intermediate), and Nature of Disabilities (IE cancer, heart condition, etc.) This statement must be signed by “an officer” of the corporation, and must include cost per day, plus doctor’s and laundry service.
  15. If the veteran’s death was within the last year, PAID funeral expenses, doctor’s, and hospital bills.
  16. Voided check to checking or savings account. (If granted, VA will direct deposit on 1st of the month)
  17. Current bank statement