Juvenile Arbitration Program

The Juvenile Arbitration Program is a community-based program that provides fast track accountability for first-time juvenile offenders charged with committing a nonviolent crime. Trained volunteer arbitrators conduct the hearings and monitor the juveniles’ progress throughout the program, which is authorized to operate by Solicitor’s Offices in all 16 Judicial Circuits in South Carolina. 

How does the participant enter the Arbitration Program?

A participant may be referred to the Juvenile Arbitration Program by the Family Court Solicitor. 

What are the requirements of the Arbitration Program?

To complete successfully the Juvenile must admit guilt and complete all requirements within 90 days.

Sanctions may include but are not limited to:

  • Paying monetary restitution
  • Performing community service
  • Attending educational programs
  • Participating in counseling
  • Writing topical essays
  • Apologizing to the victim(s)


Successful Completion

Upon successful completion, the charge(s) are then dismissed. The Solicitor, DJJ, Police Department, Attorney, and victim are notified of juvenile’s successful completion.

Unsuccessful Completion

Juveniles who fail to meet all goals will be unsuccessfully completed and referred back to Family Court for prosecution.

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