Medically Indigent Assistance Program

The Medically Indigent Assistance Program (MIAP) assists with in-patient hospital bills for Horry County indigent residents who do not have Medicaid, Medicare or an existing 75/25 insurance and who meet program guidelines set by the state.

The program does not assist with doctor bills, prescriptions or any out-patient services.

    What to Know
  1. If you have insurance 80/20 it will not assist the existing 20%.
  2. Only helps with in-patient bills.
  3. Assists only with hospital charges, and not doctor or prescription debt.


  • Medicaid: 888-549-0820
  • United Way: 843-347-5195
  • Council on Aging: 843-248-5523
  • Friendship Medical Clinic - Medical Clinic and Pharmacy: 843-347-7199

Prescription Assistance