Food and Beverage

Any vendor serving food or drinks must contact the Department of Health and Environmental Control.

Any vendor serving alcohol must contact the South Carolina Department of Revenue to obtain a temporary beer an wine permit.

Locally, the Horry County Sheriff's Department reviews and signs off on special permits. Municipalities are handled by the Chief of Police. Decisions are based on several factors, but not limited to: location, criminal history of applicants, past problems with the vendor(s). Permits will NOT be approved without verifying that the applicant has obtained a valid temporary vending permit (see Obtaining a Permit) (unless selling from a premise which already has a permit, i.e. another bar). Applications must be presented at least 15 days prior to their intended start date. This restriction is clearly written atop the Department of Revenue's application to obtain a temporary beer and wine permit. Contact the Sheriff's Office for the required approval.