Forms & Policies

We believe animals change lives. As a result, the HCACC is working toward “no-kill” shelter status. In 2021, we took in 3,051 pets. Of those, 2,550 were saved, which represents a nearly 84% save rate.

Each day, we strive to create opportunities for each animal to find the right home for them. We do not euthanize for space. Still, we recognize that the health and safety of a given animal, as well as our community, must be taken into consideration, and euthanasia may be the only available option for certain injured, ill, or otherwise unwell animals.

When possible, the HCACC will accept stray pets. When the shelter is at capacity, our team will do their best to offer resources and alternatives. If you cannot afford to pay the intake fee, please speak with a Customer Service Representative.

In order to surrender a n animal to the shelter or claim a found/stray animal at the shelter, you will need to show identification, such as a driver's license or state-issued ID, and bring photos, vet records, or other documentation to verify proof of ownership.

When you surrender your pet, please understand you give up all rights and claims to the surrendered animal. We will not contact you further. If you are not comfortable with this policy, we encourage you to try placing the pet with a trusted person or at another facility before bringing the pet the HCACC.

Adoptions occur on a "first-come, f irst-served" basis. We cannot hold an animal. If an animal is listed as adoptable on the County website, the animal remains available.

If you are interested in becoming an HCACC foster, please call 843-915-5172 or email us at

When payment is required for clinic services, the Horry County Animal Care Center accepts cash, Visa, and Mastercard as acceptable forms of payment. We do not accept checks, except for donations. Full payment is due at the time services are rendered.