A Chihuahua, Short Coat with Miniature Pinscher mix
Per Holly Capone's Lost Pet Report: Three years ago, Twister, originally adopted at Petsmart, from a Murrells Inlet shelter about 10 years ago, ran after a deer and got lost. He was found and renamed as Rocket by another woman who claimed him at your facility. If this sweet min pin chihuahua should ever make it to your safe haven again, please contact me. He is neutered. He has a liver spot on his chest. He has an odd claw that is flat and square but shaped like a crescent moon. He looks like a Doberman by Chihuahua size with long, spindle legs. Black and tan. Over the years, I have checked your site for Twister. The new site does not provide as much information as in the past. I wish I would have also been able to adopt the pair Holly and Dino from the past months. I hope they found loving homes. Thank you for all you do. I know your work is challenging.
12 year(s) + male icon Male color icon Black and Brown, Bicolor
Friday, December 30, 2022 SureWay Convenience Store on Hwy 905 - Conway Small
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