Beaver Reduction Program

The Beaver Bounty program’s purpose is to assist in reducing the number of beaver dams in Horry County. 


The intention of the program is not to eliminate beavers, but to effectively reduce their numbers to minimize the damage inflicted by the dams that they create.

The Horry County Stormwater Department is responsible for the administration of this program. Bounties shall only be paid for beavers collected within Horry County. Stormwater employee’s will be responsible for the collection and documentation for this program.


Horry County has a station open at the Public Works Complex located at 4401 Privetts Road in Conway on Fridays from 8 am to 12 pm. This will be the only day that the bounties will be accepted.

The County will only accept the front paws of the beaver for collection purposes. The paws shall be frozen and kept in a zip lock plastic bag. A Beaver Bounty Receipt and Application form shall be completed by the citizen applying for the bounty. This application must be filled out in its entirety and signed by the landowner where the beaver was collected. It must be verified that the beaver was collected within Horry County.

The citizen requesting the Beaver Bounty shall show proof of the following:

  • Valid SCDNR Hunting License and a valid SCDNR Commercial Furbearing Trapper License, or a valid SCDNR Depredation permit if the beaver was collected on their personal property.
  • The license or permit number must be recorded on the application, and a valid copy of the applicant’s driver’s license and necessary permits shall be collected.
  • A W-9 and ACH payment form must be filled out by the citizen in order to receive payment. After processing the information, the County will mail the applicant their payment.

The information from the Receipt and Application form shall be entered into an access database. If the applicant has previously submitted a W-9 within 12 months than a new form will not be required if the information is still valid.

Dam Removal

A service request will be created after the applicant has collected the Bounty. The Stormwater team to follow up and verify if there are any dams remaining and determine if the dam needs to be removed. If it is determined that the dam needs to be removed the Project Manager will create a work order and try to obtain the easements to allow the County to remove the dam. Dams shall only be removed by the County if they are affecting public infrastructure.